February in the Garden


Spring weather starts early in Florida.  The smell of lemon blossoms, tea olive, and sweet alyssum is everywhere.  Seed pods and acorns turn up in unexpected places.  As the weather gradually warms we begin to start seeds and the transition toward warm season vegetables.

Here are a few pictures of what’s going on in the garden this month…








Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima).  The faint and subtle scent of this plant is unmistakable.  Sweet Alyssum is a good plant for attracting beneficial insects.



The center of a hibiscus flower.



Fortnight Lily  (Dietes iridioide)



Pomegranate blossoms.



These large, pink buds burst open to reveal delicate, white flowers that pollinators love.



Hidden in the branches a cicada shell.



Tomato plants had to be protected from cold temperatures a few times this winter but have continued to produce occasional small tomatoes.



Celery leaves after a heavy downpour.



Rainbow Swiss Chard



What we are reading this month:

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Baker Creek Whole Seed Catalog- This is the full printing of what Baker Creek has to offer.  365 Pages of rare, heirloom and interesting plants.






Fruitlands by Richard Francis- In 1843 Bronson Alcott & Charles Lane founded a vegan community called the Fruitlands.  The idea was to create a community based on their own version of Transcendentalism though it was ultimately unsuccessful.  This book discusses both the positive and negative ideas that came out of this community of dreamers & intellectuals.
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    It is so nice to see that there is spring somewhere 🙂

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