Permaculture Design Free Course

Central to permaculture are 3 ethics. Earth care, people care and fair share.  Oregon State University is certainly practicing fair share by offering their Introduction to Permaculture course for free.  This is a 4-week online course and very thorough.  Permaculture history, purpose, site analysis, design principles, and ethics are all covered.  The full syllabus can be viewed here.

Participants use OSU software to create their own permaculture design.  Google maps are utilized so you can choose your own site or one of the sites provided.  Feedback comes through the use of an online forum.  Those who complete the course receive an online badge.  After taking this course last May, a lot of the knowledge gained could be applied to our own site.


For those looking to get a more in-depth understanding after completion, OSU has paid courses as well, including a permaculture certificate program and advanced permaculture.

The current course starts October 31 and goes until November 27.  You can register at:


*Those who don’t have time for a full course or who miss the registration deadline for this one may be interested in our previous post about North Carolina State University’s free permaculture lectures:

Free Online Permaculture Lectures


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