Cruelty-Free Garden Finds


What makes a gardening product cruelty-free? Vegan products are free of animal-based additives including composted manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, ground up feathers or bone and slaughterhouse by-products in general.  While it’s not always a simple task to find products that fit this category, here are a few we have found by contacting suppliers and asking questions.  Please check back often as we build a comprehensive list of compassionate garden products!

(*We are not affiliated with this company.  Just passing along good information!)

Sweet Garden Organics VeganVeggie- Annual Soil Amendment for Vegetable Gardens (Vegan Formulation)

Contains a combination of vegan organic soil amendments.  It is intended to be used in vegetable gardens to make up for soil deficiencies, build soil quality and bring pH to neutral.

Sweet Garden Organics VeganSea- Water Soluble Seaweed Powder

This product contains seaweed powder and is intended as a soil amendment to add trace minerals.  It is advertised as being able to help prevent transplant shock, promote rapid root development and increase production.


Both of these products are available at

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