Cruelty-Free Garden Finds

What makes a product cruelty-free? Cruelty-Free products are free of animal-based additives including composted manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, ground up feathers or bone and slaughterhouse byproducts in general.  We find products by searching the internet, contacting suppliers and asking questions.  Please check back as we build a comprehensive list of compassionate gardening products!


Vegro Vegan Composts

These composts are all vegan friendly and approved by both The Soil Association & The Vegan Society.

Vegro Seed Compost– Intended for seeds, cuttings and propagation.  The website description says that it promotes quick germination, fast root growth, moisture retention and a mix of nutrients for a healthy start.  Available in 35 & 60 Litre sizes.

Vegro Multipurpose Compost– Provides slow release nutrients and is intended for transplants, containers & propagation.  Available in 35 & 60 Litres.

Vegro Potting Compost– This compost contains slow realease nutrients intended for strong, even growth.  Available in 35 & 60 Litres.


Available From:

Fertile Fibre

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