One Straw Revolution is not just about gardening, but also a philosophical text and spiritual memoir.  It examines the balance of the natural world and the way we grow food.  Fukuoka promoted a method that eliminated the use of harmful pesticides and wasted energy.  He was a leader in the natural farming movement.  This book is full of wisdom to be shared.

As promised we are offering this giveaway to thank our current readers and welcome some new! One winner will be randomly selected.  Giveaway ends February 2, 2017.

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*Update 2/6/2017

Thank you to everyone who entered for making this giveaway a success.  Congratulations Alex on your winning entry! The results of the poll are:

What are you planning to grow this year?

31% Vegetables

27% Herbs

19% Fruit

11% Edible Flowers

11% Other

To everyone who entered thank you for reading!



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