March in the Garden


Normally March would be a very busy time in the garden but our time in Florida is coming to an end.  We are packing up and getting ready to relocate to Colorado.  The garden and warm subtropical climate will be missed but we are excited about a new adventure! This will most likely be the last monthly garden post until we get settled.  However, we plan to use this as an opportunity for more travel posts and visits to botanical gardens as we drive across the country!

Here are a few pictures of what is going on in the garden this month…


Grape vines coming back to life.



A monarch caterpillar enjoying some Milkweed.


Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata).  This is a butterfly favorite.  Freshly emerged monarchs love to stretch out on the flowers and dry their new wings.


Tiny buds beginning to grow on the Guava tree.


Center of a Fortnight Lily (Dietes iridioides).  Also known as African Iris, Wild Iris, and Cape Iris.  These were in last months post as well but this picture really shows how intricate the centers are.


Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus).


Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ growing in a beautiful spiral pattern.


Passion Flower ‘Lady Margaret’.  This plant is the one that got away.  It was at the local garden center but with the upcoming move, it made no sense to bring one home.  Would have loved to have grown this variety!


“Fresh curls spring from the baldest brow.  There is nothing inorganic.” -Henry David Thoreau


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