Our Story

The Ahimsa Collective is an independent bookstore & design collective.  We specialize in compassionate living and design.  Our name is inspired by the transcendentalist authors of the 1800s including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Bronson Alcott, and Margaret Fuller.   

American transcendentalism was a philosophical and social movement.  Simply put it was a belief in individualism, idealism, and a deep connection with nature.  Some influence came from eastern religions especially the Upanishads.  Transcendentalists believed that everything is connected and happens for a reason.  They believed in the inherent goodness of man.  That in nature we can see the essence of life.  They stressed the importance of self-reliance and encouraged free thought based on personal values.  

Our blog, The Ahimsa Project, focuses on the idea of living by these ideals today.  It covers topics ranging from gardening like the Alcott's Fruitlands community, self-reliance, simple living, plant-based recipes & more.  With this ethos in mind, we work to find & create products bibliophiles will adore.


Ahimsa~ Compassion.  Reverence for all living creatures.  Avoidance of harm or violence.