Cruelty-Free Garden Finds

What makes a gardening product cruelty-free? Vegan products are free of animal-based additives including composted manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, ground up feathers or bone and slaughterhouse by-products in general.  While it’s not always a simple task to find products that fit this category, here are a few we have found by contacting suppliers and asking questions.  Please check back often as we build a comprehensive list of compassionate garden products!

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Yum Yum Mix 2-1-1

This all-purpose fertilizer contains a blend of alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, kelp meal, greensand, rock dust, rock phosphate, humate and dry molasses.  Suitable for growing annuals, perennials, vegetables, lawns, trees and shrubs.  It contains no animal products and is organic!

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